OS X vs Windows

by Sachin Balagopalan on August 31, 2008 · 1 comment

Ars Technica has a pretty interesting post today where in a nutshell they seem to suggest that Apple needs to “buckle up” and become more of a software company. By doing so they can propel OS X into ubiquity and seriously begin to capture market share from Windows. According to the post Apple has only a 8% market share and is a distant second from Windows.

And how do you go about catching up to Windows? …

The thought of reducing Mac pricing and licensing Mac OS X, while playing nice with developers may be anathema to Steve Jobs and Company, but with the opportunity to gain market share while Microsoft’s focus is split between Windows and Google, now is the perfect time for Apple to expand its presence.

Interesting take on the pricing issue. I was under the impression all along that increasing Apple sales had nothing to do with the price of their products. Apple is a hardware company and it uses its software to sell its hardware. The demand for their hardware has traditionally been cult like. There are a group of folks who have and will always be Apple fans. Recently starting with the iPod they transformed themselves to a company that sells some really cool and innovative products and anyone and everyone who wants to be on the cutting edge goes out and buys their products. I don’t think price has ever had an impact on their sales. Yes perhaps when they dropped the price of the iPhone 3G quite a few more people went out and purchased the device immediately. IMO those folks would have still gone out and purchased maybe not immediately but eventually.

Focusing on making OS X more ubiquitous is the key to Apple’s future success. By casting aside its preconceived notions about the value of focusing on its hardware business, it could enjoy even higher profits and more success as Mac OS X use jumps. Apple shouldn’t limit itself for fear of losing hardware sales. It should realize that it’s in a prime position to capitalize on its position as the most popular technology brand by using Mac OS X as a gateway for consumers to buy other Apple products

“Focusing on making OS X more ubiquitous is the key to Apple’s future success” ? You’ve gotta be kidding me! How about focusing on continuing to innovate and build cool hardware products - BTW something that you’re good at and have a proven track record. Besides who cares about the OS platform anymore. With initiatives like cloud computing the desktop/laptop is going to be ferociously dumbed down in the coming years.

It would be foolish to go after Windows IMO, instead Apple should continue to invest in R&D and focus on hardware and the software needed to run the hardware.

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