New Look and Home For This Blog

by Sachin Balagopalan on July 25, 2008 · 1 comment

Decided to implement a few changes on this site some subtle and others not so subtle. The obvious is the new three column theme. The theme is called ModernPaper 1.0 and is designed by Performancing. For the most part I used the the original style sheet but had to tweak it a little to adjust a few things like the header. The main reason for choosing a three column theme (yes there is a method to the madness :) ) is because they tend to render much more efficiently on a mobile device like the iPhone - the main column on the left is rendered first and fits nicely on the screen hence the need to scroll and pinch is minimized. If you go to a two column page/site on your iPhone for example nine out of ten times you’re going to have to pinch and scroll right to read the content. Until I come up with my “iPhoenized” style sheets a la Google, FaceBook and a few others the three column strategy should suffice for now. Other than that I also think ModerPaper 1.0 is slightly more professional looking than my old theme.

The big change however is not the UI rather the way this site is now managed. The “old” blog used to be hosted for free by WordPress and it worked out well for the last year and a half - didn’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff. However I have now decided to switch or upgrade to a “self hosted” WordPress blog. What this means (besides having to pay my new hosting company DreamHost a yearly fee) is I’ll continue to use WordPress software to post and manage the UI but I am now also responsible for hosting the site and managing the content myself. This way I have more control over the site in general as well as the style sheets and php pages which gives me considerable latitude to make changes.

Even though I have my own domain name free blogs like WordPress and Typepad typically host you as a subdomain (hence it’s free :) ). There is nothing wrong with that except it takes search engine crawlers longer to find you because you’re a notch lower in the DNS hierarchy. This does not bode well if you’re trying to increase the visibility of your domain and grow your site.

Enjoy the site!

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The Kev 07.28.08 at 5:12 am

I preferred the old header… with the old ’seeing double’ picture of the Sachman…

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