Blogging For Fun - Who Cares About a Dream Team!

by Sachin Balagopalan on March 20, 2008 · Comments

A few months ago I was at a local pub with a few of my friends and somewhere between playing keno, drinking a pint and eating lunch the topic on blogging came up in our conversation. My friends were basically ridiculing the whole idea of blogging and couldn’t understand why I did it. “Who the f–k cares about your blog and what you have to say?” said one while the other said something along the lines of “what makes you an authority on the topics you blog about?” and the third guy was straightforward and flatly admitted “I don’t get it”. All three of them although expressing it in their own unique way were essentially saying the same thing - they don’t quite get it.

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch had a post yesterday opining on the state of blogging today and where he feels blogging as a whole should be heading towards. Robert Scoble also blogged today in response to Michael’s post - essentially disputing Arrington’s theory on how to build great businesses based on goals that focus on beating the competition rather than proving that “it” can be done - the dream team proposal Michael espouses to. In any case after reading both their posts and getting past the fluff one gets a clear sense on what blogging is all about. Blogging at an organic level is a conversation between the blogger and the reader. The reader usually has the ability via the software to post a comment, opinion or rebuttal (or a spammer can post a link if they can get past your captcha algorithm :) ). It’s a two-way conversation and like any conversation it’s based on opinions and information gathered from all sources. Contrary to popular belief the blogger is not the “expert” or the authoritative body that disseminates information for others to consume and more importantly make decisions based on the content. To me blogging is a vehicle to engage myself in a conversation about topics that interest me - hopefully by blogging about it I don’t have to limit the conversation to my immediate social and professional circle.

It’s therefore a little disconcerting to witness how something so pure as a conversation has evolved into a big money “sport”. I mean we’re talking big business with all the nasty trimmings like politics, back stabbing, big money venture capitalists and yes even banding together to form a “dream team” of bloggers to displace CNET. I agree with Scoble - blogging has lost its way and has been corporatized by the big media organizations. Of course the irony is Scoble is now part of that and he admits it. :)
Now if there are any VC’s out there reading this - I need some serious capital infusion so I can hire a few good writers and get this ball rolling - maybe I just might make it on Techmeme someday. :)

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