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by Sachin Balagopalan on February 23, 2008 · Comments

Most of us pretty much have a favorite browser that we prefer while surfing the web - FireFox, Safari and IE being the most popular for most of us. Unless you’re a developer or a web professional it doesn’t really matter to be quite honest what browser you use. They are all pretty much same to a layman and have the same features for the most part. However it might be worthwhile to check out Flock - I did last night and was quite impressed by it.

Flock 1.0 was released last November and has been slowly gaining momentum for the past few months. For FireFox fans the good news is Flock sits on top of the Mozilla browser and application framework - however that’s where the similarities end. In fact it’s more than just a browser. Flock integrates all your social networking services directly into your browser and quite nicely I might add. In fact I’m typing out this post on the integrated blog editor. I was able to configure it to allow me to publish my blog posts directly up to WordPress, from within Flock.

The social web services are integrated into the browser via the sidebar. You can log into the various services like FaceBook, Twitter etc. and each one of the services you’ve logged into shows up on the sidebar and you can toggle between them using a series of icons. The whole experience is very intuitive and efficient. There is also a media bar that sits on top perpendicular to the sidebar that is really cool. It lets you view image streams from your Facebook, Flickr or any other service you’re logged into that allows image sharing.

At this point barring any catastrophic issues I think I’m on the verge of dumping Firefox and switching permanently to Flock - at least on my Mac. I don’t know how it behaves on Windows yet. As I write this they have released a beta version of Flock 1.1 with new features like Web Email integration, and Picassa upload and photo sharing.

They still need to fix a few minor bugs - like the cut & paste doesn’t work but I think they’re going to give the popular browsers a run for their money.

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