Apple TV “Take One”, A Missed Opportunity?

by Sachin Balagopalan on January 18, 2008 · 1 comment

I was one of the early adopters of Apple TV and in this post last March I said …

Unless ITunes comes out with a rental site I don’t think the masses are going to be too enamored. The other issue is the selection that is currently available on ITunes. Right now I can RENT the latest movies from Netflix, not sure how many people want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars and Zoolander today. And the TV shows? ( C’mon, nearly everyone these days has a Tivo or DVR. Of course I understand that there is considerable difficulty in obtaining the distribution licenses from the movie studios but Steve Jobs with his Pixar connections should be able to have some influence with the movie industry.

Steve Jobs in his presentation the other day announced a “new version” of the Apple TV, aptly named “Take Two” and the main feature is the inbuilt, computer independent movie rentals. We all know that “Take One” was a colossal failure but now it looks like - on the surface anyway - they are on the right track but it may be too late to make an impact.

I have always felt that Apple TV was ahead of it’s time when it was first released last year - in terms of the technology. The issue was of-course content or the lack of and also the ability to rent movies on-line was non-existent. Had they been able to line up the studios and provide the same deal they are offering now back in early 2007, Steve Jobs and Apple perhaps could have captured and revolutionized the online movie rental space. Remember when the first AppleTV came out early last year on-line movie rentals were virtually non-existent.

Instead they have to now compete with the likes of Netflix, Vudu and a slew of others. Apple is no longer the only player in this space and therefore they face stiff competition from all corners and IMO it’s going to be an uphill climb if they intend to make a serious impact. The good news for us the consumers is we’ll most likely see some serious innovation and improvement in this space and not just from Apple but others as well. That is good news.


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