FaceBook on 60 Minutes - What a disaster!

by Sachin Balagopalan on January 14, 2008 · 1 comment

I have to say I’m not really impressed with Mark Zuckerberg’s interview on 6o minutes this past Sunday. He should not have done it at all IMO. He came across looking arrogant and pompous. I’m sure he’s probably not like that in real life (maybe he is I don’t know him) but he was definitely uncomfortable and quite frankly tactless. That question about Sergey Brin and Larry Page was totally mishandled. Everyone knows that a little bit of humility goes a long way especially when you’re talking to a large audience - even if you’re not sure if you are “the next Larry and Sergey” or not you just say no and give them their props.

Kudos to Leslie Stahl who definitely did her homework. I thought the question about Beacon made him s–t in his pants. “Beacon makes Facebook less commercial.” - What kind of answer is that? Personally I think this was a golden opportunity wasted. He should have first acknowledged the mistakes and then clearly articulated his vision with regards to Beacon instead of simply saying that “beacon is a good thing” and he needed to feed his 400 employees. Yeah, I think we all understand that they need to make money. He had the perfect platform to explain and outline his vision.

I think if there is anything that he has going for him it is his age. After all he is only 23 and people are willing to take his inexperience into account when they talk about Mark Zuckerberg. I have said this before in my previous posts about MZ that the bottom line is he saw an opportunity and ran away with it. The truth of the matter is we are all talking about FaceBook. After all I remember another geeky looking kid, a Harvard dropout as well who use to be awkward and arrogant also and who went on to not only lead one of the most successful companies in recent times but is now using his money and resources to help the less fortunate on our planet.

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.


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Campus Entrepreneurship 03.06.08 at 12:34 pm

nice post. really enjoyed it. i didn’t see the interview, but I have seen him speak before and he is definitely young.

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