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by Sachin Balagopalan on July 6, 2009 · 1 comment

Those of us who own an iPhone 3Gs are no doubt impressed with the video capabilities of the device. Not only has it been a long time coming but it closes the loop and makes the iPhone “complete” so to speak. The video capability is actually quite useful because not only can you shoot near HD quality videos, but it also comes with basic editing software. You can drag your finger across the video timeline and trim the section before you upload it to YouTube or email it. The new version of the Facebook iPhone app will also allow video uploads which further enhances the usefulness of video recording and sharing. Like GPS and location based apps we’re probably going to see a proliferation of apps involving videos hit the app store.

According to this post on TechCrunch Apple is going to add video capabilities to all their iPod line of products.

Putting a camera in the iPod touch, which uses the same operating system as the iPhone, is a logical next step for Apple. But the order size is supposedly so large that some people in Taiwan are speculating that Apple may be planning to put cameras in the lower end of the iPod line, too. “Everything but the Shuffle may have a camera in it soon,” says our source.

The iPod touch starts at $229, and if they add the camera module, turning on video is a no-brainer, particularly since the software, already working on the iPhone, is ready to go.

… and what does this mean for the video camera market in general i.e the “Flip’s” of this world?

That’s exactly the same price as the high end Flip Mino HD that we gush about so often. The Flip will take marginally better video, but it doesn’t have on-device editing and uploading to YouTube. Nor does it support Internet browsing, email and the thousands of games and other apps available for the iPod Touch. And we haven’t even mentioned the iPod’s primary purpose - music.

Couple of things jump out right away from a broader context. Are we at a point now where every handheld/portable device has to be web enabled otherwise we deem it useless? Secondly if the device is not multifunctional then you can almost bet the farm that it’s going to be a failure. Social networking has a lot to do with this trend. Videos, images and messages are all sharable content and to enable effective sharing involves an uninterrupted pulse. Whether it’s updating your Facebook status, sending a tweet or uploading a cool image you just snapped up on Flickr you’ll want to do it on the fly (which means from the device itself) and more importantly from anywhere. Gone are the days where you docked your handheld device and uploaded the content to your computer first before sharing it with others (that’s too much of a hassle :) ).

Definitely looks like Apple has recognized the trend!

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Car DVD Players 10.08.10 at 8:57 am

Like GPS and location based apps we’re probably going to see a proliferation of apps involving videos hit the app store.

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