iPhone for Verizon in 2010? Can You Hear Me Now!

by Sachin Balagopalan on April 27, 2009 · 4 comments

According to this USA today article Verizon and Apple have entered into high level talks that could pave the way for the iPhone to jump onto Verizon’s network. A few things come into mind if this rumour is indeed true, after all it’s USA today reporting the story :) . First of all Apple’s exclusive contract with AT&T is coming to an end next year so it does actually make sense to perhaps revisit the issue of networks. After all since the day it was announced that AT&T was going to be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone people were wondering when it’ll be available on Verizon.

Then there is the question refreshing the hardware if this rumor is true. The device will need to support CDMA and for Apple to invest in a protocol that is slowly shrinking does not make too much sense. What does make sense however is Verizon is planning on piloting it’s LTE (4G) network in a few selected cities this year and plans to have the service available in 25-30 cities in 2010. I can definitely see Apple wanting a piece of that pie. A 50-60 Mbps throughput on a device like the iPhone would mean a whole new set of possibilities for app developers and the iPhone App Store.

AT&T also has plans for a 4G network but is currently behind schedule. I agree with Om ….

AT&T’s plans for a 4G rollout are currently behind Verizon’s plans. The company, which currently has an exclusive on the iPhone in the United States, plans to stick with HSPA up until 2011 then transition to LTE. But any chance of Apple giving up on the iPhone partnership — even a hint of a deal with Verizon — is going to spur AT&T into accelerating its LTE rollout plans. The company is increasingly reliant on Apple’s iPhone to show growth in sales and profits. The company is losing nearly 10 percent of its wireline customers a year and is increasingly looking at wireless as its future.

I hope this rumour is true. It’s about time iPhone users had a choice of networks.

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Phil 04.27.09 at 5:42 am

I agree CDMA may is a shrinking technology but we all know it isn't going anywhere any time soon. If Apple were to work with Verizon on a LTE capable iPhone, it would have to be backward compatible to Verizon's CDMA/EVDO network. So who knows.

Sachin Balagopalan 04.27.09 at 7:53 am

@Phil … Totally agree on the backward compatible issue

mangobajito 06.12.09 at 5:56 am

If apple has sale 4 million iphones with at&t, imagen how much more can rise sales by adding providers other than At&T. As long as this is the only provider I will never by an Iphone no matter how good it is.

iDeveloper 11.25.09 at 9:50 am

I was into a Verizon store late October of 2009. I told the business sales representative that I’d love a Verizon iPhone, but that I was considering a Droid (reluctantly). The business sales representative at the store told me that the iPhone would be available in January of 2010. I questioned how that was possible considering the recent Verizon’s iDon’t attack commercials (very anti-iPhone). He said that Apple didn’t really have a choice. Apple needed a contract with Vodafone for European sales. And Vodafone is Verizons parent company. Apparently Vodafone forced Apple into a bit of quid pro quo. And the net result is that Verizon gets an iPhone in January 2010. All this aside, I’ll believe it when i see it. [fingers crossed]

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