Twitter Files For an IPO …

by Sachin Balagopalan on February 4, 2009 · 1 comment

Well not really :) . But the headline sure grabs one’s attention as it did mine when I saw this post by Howard Lindzon. Looks like Howard is almost calling for a grassroots type of initiative from the public to set the price for a Twitter IPO instead of the typical Wall Street institutional investors.

I say go public now.

Not a BIG, FLASHY IPO. Something small, one without a dumbass Wall Street bank. A small IPO will give Twitter flexibility as a public company. My new bank ‘Social Leverage’ will be happy to do organize it for some underwriting warrants. I won’t sell them for 2 years either. How’s that.

The institutions don’t need shares to flip to the public at 4 times the IPO price. Those days are over and it is up to US to remind them of it. Let the public set the price in a ‘Dutch Auction’ or just have the smart community at Stocktwits set the price. Let the shareholders who want to own shares from the start submit a reason they deserve the IPO shares with a 140 character Tweet. Keep the float small too so the company gets the cheaper cash from a trusting public and enough cash and a currency to do smart, accretive acquisitions to build the right ‘social leveraged’ public Company and put the American IPO and public markets back in the news.

Very unconventional to say the least but ballsy neverthless! Yeah why not! Forget about the institutions negotiating a float price and flipping it at 4 times the price later on to you an me. Instead lets tweet why we think we deserve the shares and in the process bid the lowest price possible for an IPO.

This crisis of confidence will only be fixed by you and me. If you looking for a miracle, be prepared to hope and waste your time watching the ‘talking heads’ and yutz economists talk about GE and GM. I have been screaming like the other idiots of late, but fuck that noise anymore. Just noise on top of noise.

It’s time to make up some new rules and lead by example once again. In the end, confidence comes from trust. There are millions of good people on the social nets who have built up unprecedented levels of trust and although each of them may never MONETIZE the new found trust and responsibility, he/she can use it to lead in different ways. Healthier ways.

Trust and confidence are not built overnight, but there are thousands of smart people in the public world of finance and Venture Capital on the blogosphere and social nets to pick this country up itself and just MOVE FORWARD.

Colorful lingo aside I think he might have a point here. We have for too long relied on the “brain trust” to tell us what to do during tough times. Confidence in our traditional financial institutions aka Wall Street is at an all time low and with good reason. Instead of trying to restore their confidence we should perhaps explore other alternatives and maybe a radical change is exactly what’s needed to get the capital markets rolling again.

A Twitter IPO “by the people” may very well be the answer to get the ball rolling!

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TajMahalCasino 02.20.09 at 11:12 am

Hope they continue to be free to the users!

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