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by Sachin Balagopalan on December 30, 2008 · Comments

It’s now possible to publish your location and what you’re doing automatically to Facebook from the mobile social network Brightkite. If you’re an iPhone user you can also download Brightkite from the appstore for free and post your updates via the iPhone app.

Brightkite Blog: What is Facebook Connnect and why does it matter? At a basic level it lets you easily share what you are doing on Brightkite with all your friends on Facebook. With this release you can update your Facebook status and/or publish your location, notes and photos directly to your news feed.

The integration is via Facebook Connect which incidentally is popping up everywhere since it’s debut last month. It’s actually pretty cool. I tried it out myself today and everything was seamless. Connecting to Facebook from the “Account Settings” page to authorize the Brightkite app to access and allow updates to Facebook was flawless. You can also configure your posting options which I thought was pretty nice - gives you control over what kind of info you want to post to your FB status or news feed. I then went to the iPhone app and every time I “checked in” to a location or posted a note or a photo my FB profile was updated immediately with my location and note/photo. The privacy controls are also pretty awesome so if you’re posting from a sensitive location - like your house - you can restrict the accuracy (unless you want everyone to know where you live :) ).

This of course is just the beginning, there is much more to come in terms of Brightkite/Facebook integration.

I’m hoping that includes bringing over your FB friends also. The larger point however is the so called proliferation of Facebook Connect. Barely a month after it’s official release it seems like everyone wants to integrate with Facebook. For good reason too … The first thing is the simplicity factor - everyone understands what “Connect to Facebook” means - because almost all of us know or at least have heard of Facebook. Secondly who wouldn’t want access to FB’s user base. Take Brightkite for example … After they enable you to bring your FB friends over to Brightkite their membership will most likely skyrocket.

It’s going to be very interesting to see the impact Facebook Connect is going to have in 2009!

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