Twitter, The Micro Manager’s Killer App.

by Sachin Balagopalan on March 24, 2007 · Comments


After reading about Twitter on the web internets for the past few months I finally decided to sign up and see what the buzz was all about. Like a lot of people I did not get it at first, but after playing around for sometime I realized that there was nothing complicated about it. It’s basically letting a group of people (fellow twitters) know “what you’re doing” at the very moment by sending them messages or “tweets” in 140 words or less. It differs from IM because you’re really not supposed to (although there is nothing stopping someone from using it like IM) be chatting with anyone. You’re just broadcasting what you’re doing at that very moment to your social network or group and in the process staying in touch.

The obvious question of-course is will this evolve into something more significant and perhaps become ubiquitous as e-mail and IM are today or just fizzle out after running its course and the early adopters lose interest? Is this just another web 2.0 tool that’s just a fad? Quite frankly for me the novelty wore out fairly quickly. There’s only so much one can tolerate in knowing what someone is “eating for lunch”, or they are “going to the movies” or they are “turning in early because they have a long day tomorrow”. The bottom line is the concept is in its infant stages and it is up to the open source community to define what Twitter should evolve into by building “killer applications” that directly impacts the lives of people and businesses just like e-mail and instant messaging did. That will determine if Twitter stays or dies.

Most of us have had the experience of being micro managed by a manager - you know, that one manager who comes to your cube or IM’s you every half hour and breathes over your shoulders to inquire “how are things going”. Here is an idea - you have a Twitter client (just like your email or instant message window) installed on your desktop at work. Every time you start or finish a task thats on your project plan you send a tweet to your twitter colleagues i.e manager, team members and anyone else who wants to follow you letting them know “what task you’re going to start working on or have finished or are in the middle of doing but need a bathroom break” :) . Behind the scenes Twitter will be integrated with the project plan or task list thus automatically updating the project plan whenever you send a tweet indicating an action against the project plan. So not only will the manager be able to micro manage you remotely but you initiate the “micro management” by broadcasting what you’re up to before he/she sends you an IM or physically comes over to your desk and interrupts you. The project plan gets updated in real time as well thus saving you time later on. TwitterVision can be extended to “ProjectVision” where instead of the world map you see an image of the project plan being updated in real time. The Execs. will be thrilled to see a real time high level graphical view of the project.

What do you think? Do we have a killer app. here ;) ? I’m curious to find out if anyone else has any “killer” ideas that builds on the Twitter platform.

TechQuila Shots has some pretty cool ideas, check it out -


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